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House of Wisdom is an open space, a gathering place. Visitors of House of Wisdom are invited to enter the library-exhibition to read, discuss, collaborate, scheme, and exchange knowledge and ideas. And with it's fourth location, the library-exhibition is expanding throughout the city of Nottingham. Inviting visitors to walk and discover the city with an exhibition map, House of Wisdom will utilise the Vitrines of Bonington Gallery and the atrium of the Nottingham Trent University's Art and Design Faculty. Artworks will also be placed in other venues like bookshops (The Five Leaves Bookshop) an old primary school that has been transformed into an art space (Primary) and a historical library (Bromley House Library). And this year the exhibition's public program will be lead by Dr. Cüneyt Çakırlar from Nottingham Trent University and organised an extensive events including performances, reading groups, talks and screenings.



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Public Programme

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