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Mohamed Abdelkarim Story About the Rhino; Comparison of Appearance 

Burak ArıkanTurkey's Media Owners and Their Other Investments 

Mahmoud Bakhshi Night, Blackness, and Other Stories

Yael Bartana A Cookbook for Political Imagination

Mehtap Baydu Paragraph

Kürşat Bayhan Away From Home

Ruth Beale Library of Future Societies: Nottingham

Ekin Bernay Burn Like the Sun

Burçak Bingöl Devshirme

Nicky Broekhuysen The Stonebreakers

Hera Büyüktaşçıyan Write Injuries on Sand and Kindness in Marble; Ayp, Pen, Kim

Cansu Çakar Green lizards on red rocks

Ramesch Daha Unlimited History

Işıl Eğrikavuk Infamous Library

Didem Erk Black Thread

Fehras Publishing Practices When The Library was Stolen; Call for Applications!

Foundland Collective Simba, The Last Prince of The Ba’ath Country

Deniz Gül Loyelow

Beril Gür On Exile and Reading

Istanbul Queer Art Collective Just in Bookcase; Psychic Bibliophiles: What the Cards Say

Lawrence Abu Hamdan A Politics of Listening in 4 Acts

Ali Kazma Photos from the Archive (ongoing series)

Yazan Khalili On Love and Other Landscapes

Mona Kriegler Pain and Memory

Göksu Kunak Heavy as frost and deep almost as life!

Elham Rokni Dear _____ Salam

Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Ashkan Sepahvand Seeing Studies

Sümer Sayın Access

Erinç Seymen Pages From a Fake Novel

Bahia Shehab A Thousand Times No

Walid Siti Dark Interludes

Ali Taptık Meridians - Mirror

Erdem Taşdelen Convictions

Özge Topçu Alteration of Museum

Viron Erol Vert Notebook of Mesopotamia

Ali Yass Destination II

Eşref Yıldırım Well

Ala Younis Tin Soldiers

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