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work in progress work in process

#WIP is an online exhibition that focuses on the incomplete and the ongoing, not the finished and the polished; the trial, the error and the endless rehearsal, not the perfected work of art that hides all the traces of its creation and renders invisible the messy process behind it, which is retrospectively called progress.

#WIP is curated by Tuna Erdem & Seda Ergul with guest curators, Mihaela Brebenel, Giulia Casalini, Sarah Hayden and Mine Kaplangı.

#WIP features 37 artists selected by 6 curators, exhibiting finished artworks, side by side with the various stages of their creation, as well as live streamed performances and scheduled screenings.

Ariya Gandawolf  * Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva * Bart Seng Wen Long * Burong * Chinasa Vivian Ezugha * Kajoli Ilojak * Larry Achiampong * Leon Clowes * Marianna Simnett * Marnie Scarlet * Mitchell Moreno * Naeem Mohaiemen * Niya B * PartSuspended * Patrick Staff * Pete Jiadong Qiang * Puck Verkade * Rhine Bernardino * Rukeya * Sadiq Ali * Sam Keogh * Sara Anstis * Sara Godfrey * Sasha Litvintseva and  Bent Wagner * Sophie Seita * Susan Hiller * Suzanne Treister * Tuğba Tırpan * Victoria Suvoroff * Walid Siti * Yas Necati

#WIP is produced by Queer Art Projects, with funding from Arts Council England.

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