Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night is a London based art party with performances scattered through out a night of Turkish pop music, from the classics of Ajda Pekkan to the latest hits of Aleyna Tilki. 

But even if you came for the music, you stray for the performances, which is the sweetest part of the sweetest queer night in town: to die for belly dancers both male and femme, lip-synch’ers from the fierce to the ridiculous, gender-bending drag queens, baby faced drag kings, tweaking go-go boys, queer performance artists with avant-garde inclinations, spoken word performers with political agendas and dancers of all kinds: from those who shake it to arabesque to those who butch it up to Romanesque. 

All ethnic species and all flavors of performance art go into our sexy queer melting pot to bewitch the Turkish Delight’ers into having their best night out!

Turkish Delight I
The Glory
Turkish Delight IV
The Glory
Turkish Delight II
The Glory
Turkish Delight III
The Glory
Turkish Delight V
The Glory
Turkish Delight VI
The Glory
Turkish Delight VII
The Glory