22-27 September 2020

Turkish Delight will bring five queer art events, in five days, to five different venues in East London.

For those who are interested in queer art in all its incarnations, for those who would like to get to know a different side of Turkish culture, for the entire queer community with all its LGBTQI+ components, and for those who are already addicted to the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours of art. 

22 September

A screening of live art documentations from Turkey, preceded by the curators' introductory talk and followed by a Q&A, at Live Art Development Agency (LADA). 

23 September

A belly-dancing workshop for the queer and non-binary by the oriental dance master Mr. Ozgen at International College of Musical Theatre

24 September

A symposium on Turkish queer politics, culture and art, at Goldsmiths University. 

25 September

A night of live art performances, pop-up exhibition, music, dance and party, which will be the new instalment of the ongoing, addictive Deep Trash nights at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club.

27 September

A screening of two experimental documentaries about the commodification of sexual minorities from a Berlin based Turkish director Emre Busse who will be available for a Q&A after the screening at the Horse Hospital 



The coupling of the decade:

Deep Trash in bed with Turkish Delight! 

Deep Trash is a unique multi-disciplinary exhibition and performance night produced by Arts Feminism Queer / CUNTemporary. Since 2014, the Deep Trash format continues to be a stable presence for a network of artists and audiences that are drawn to a more dynamic engagement with artistic work and aesthetic experience, beyond traditional exhibition spaces. Every Deep Trash event is constructed around a theme and There have been a series of Deep Trash events which focused on queer and performance art cultures of certain countries or regions among which were, Deep Trash Italy, Deep Trash Greece and Deep Trash Escoria.

Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night, which graced the renowned queer performance venue The Glory, seven times in 2018 is a live art night with a Turkish flavour.

Now Deep Trash: Turkish Delight will bring you best of two worlds in a night of performances, exhibition, dancing and tasting the Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean mix of flavours of queer art in all its facets. 

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CUNTemporary is a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and groups that explore feminist, queer and decolonial art practices and theories. CUNTemporary provides a newsletter and daily listings of events related to feminist and queer art practices in the UK.

The events team curates talks, screenings, exhibitions, performances, events and club nights with the participation of a multidisciplinary and international group of artists, performers and theorists, mainly in London, but also around the UK and abroad.


Deep Trash is a unique multi-disciplinary exhibition and performance club night produced by Arts Feminism Queer / CUNTemporary.

Queer Art, Culture and Politics from Turkey and its Diaspora


Following the Deep Trash format of a symposium one day before the art night, or theory before the practice, or contextualisation before materialisation, or talk before dance, there will be a symposium bringing together scholars, artists and creatives at Goldsmiths University, supported by the Mountain of Art Research (MARs) and the Center for Feminist Research. 


The key note address by Assistant Professor Evren Savci from Yale University, will give a general overview of queer culture and politics in contemporary Turkey, while the second key note address by senior lecturer Cuneyt Cakirlar from Nottingham Trent University will provide an overview of Turkish contemporary queer art. 


The symposium will include presentations of selected papers from the Open Call, as well as a panel of artists talks.

The Mountain of Art Research (MARs) is based in the Department of Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. A bit like a research centre, except it’s a mountain, MARs supports and promotes the development of innovative art research across a range of  practices including - but not limited to - studio, performance, film and video, curatorial, critical, art-writing, situated, participatory and interdisciplinary practice.


Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, Yale University

Evren Savcı is Assistant Professor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Yale University. Her work focuses on transnational sexualities, informed by feminist and queer theory and ethnographic methodology. She is currently finishing her first book Queer in Translation: Sexual Politics under Neoliberal Islam (under contract with DUP), which analyzes sexual politics under contemporary Turkey’s AKP regime. As she wraps up her first book, she is starting a new research project on “failures of Westernization,” analyzing sexual practices that were deemed “uncivilized” and either heavily discouraged or outlawed by the Turkish Republic, such as Islamic matrimony, cousin marriages, arranged marriages and polygamy, yet are still practiced today.

Savcı’s work on the intersections of language, knowledge, sexual politics, neoliberalism and religion has appeared in Journal of Marriage and the Family, Ethnography, Sexualities, Political Power and Social Theory, Theory & Event, and Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, and in several edited collections. She has contributed op-eds, blog entries and interviews to Jadaliyya, The Feminist Wire, make/shift and Middle East Research and Information Project. She was selected Exemplary Diversity Scholar by University of Michigan National Center for Institutional Diversity in 2013.

Savcı received her Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Southern California, and her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Sociology from University of Virginia. Following her Ph.D., she was a postdoctoral fellow at The Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN).


School of Arts and Humanities, Nottingham Trent University

Cüneyt Çakirlar is a senior lecturer in Communications, Culture and Media Studies at Nottingham Trent University. His current research practice focuses on transnational sexuality studies, global visual cultures, and cross-cultural mobility of contemporary art practices. Awarded a PhD degree in Gender Studies (UCL), followed by an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship award at University College London with his project on cultural translation in arts (2008-2009), Çakirlar has taught on queer aesthetics and film theory at UCL (UK), Bogazici University (Istanbul, TR), Koç University (Istanbul, TR), and Istanbul Bilgi University (TR). Çakirlar’s articles appeared in various international peer-reviewed journals including Critical Arts, Paragraph, Cineaction and Screen. Has co-edited a volume about cultures of sexual dissidence in contemporary Turkey, namely Cinsellik Muamması: Türkiye’de Queer Külltür ve Muhalefet (Metis, 2012), and co-translated Judith Butler’s Bodies That Matter (1993) into Turkish (Pinhan Press, 2014). Çakırlar has also worked with various arts institutions in Turkey, USA, UK, and Germany. He has authored exhibition catalogues for the works of various artists including Taner Ceylan (Paul Kasmin Gallery NYC, 2013), Jake and Dinos Chapman (ARTER Istanbul, 2017), Erinç Seymen (Zilberman Gallery, 2017), and Soufiane Ababri (PILL Istanbul, 2019). He has recently acted as the public program curator for the show House of Wisdom Nottingham, an arts exhibition curated by Collective Çukurcuma, produced by Queer Art Projects and sponsored by Arts Council England, Bonington Gallery, Primary Nottingham, Bromley House Library and UNESCO City of Literature.


Performance Videos from Turkey and its Diaspora

Enduring Turkey, is a compilation of live art documentation and performance videos from Turkey and its diaspora. Focusing specifically on endurance performances, the programme will bring together examples from the pioneers of performance art with its latest incarnations, which refer to the conditions trans, queer and feminists endure in the current political climate of Turkey. The screening will be preceded by the curators’ introductory talk and followed by a Q&A session.

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Live Art Development Agency is founded 20 years ago and since then it support s contemporary culture’s most radical and inventive artists, practices and ideas, champions new ways of working, legitimise unclassifiable artforms, records untold histories, and gives agency to underrepresented artists.

LADA believes in Live Art as a means to challenge the status quo and initiate meaningful social change.

Leman S. Daricioglu, photo by Levent Başaçık


A Belly Dancing Workshop by Mr.Ozgen

Get ready to shake your belly and the gender binary!

Join the workshop and show off your newly acquired skills two days later

at Deep Trash: Turkish Delight


Belly-dancing or Oriental dance, is a truly enticing, mesmerising and sexy dance form, that is part of daily life in many Middle Eastern countries, with variations like the Romany style or Egyptian style. Although belly dancing is quite popular, it is usually misunderstood to be a predominantly female gendered dance form, despite the traditional zenne, the male belly dancer. In this workshop we like to introduce the basics of this dance to those who see themselves beyond the gender devide. Open to beginners as well as performers who might like to add a few new oriental moves to their repertuar and a must for those who will attend Deep Trash: Turkish Delight night. leave your costume for the party and come to the workshop wearing something comfy. Let the dance commence!

Mr. Ozgen, is a Turkish Cypriot dancer, chareographer and dance teacher based in London. He is a master of the Turkish Oriental dance with 18 years experience in the field and his choreography combines the Turkish and Romany styles of belly-dancing. Renown for is flourishing cloak techniques, he has performed all around the world in countries like Japan, Australia and the United States. His full length shows, ‘Ask’ and ‘Tales Of A Sleeping Man’ has brought belly dancing into the domain of theatre with their dramatic and theatrical storylines. In 2017 he received an award from Turkish Council for “The Best Ambassador Of Turkish Culture” for his work. In Istanbul, he joined the cast of Night of the Sultans combining contemporary dance, ballet and oriental dance. Ozgen taught for several years at the Tolgahan Dance School in Istanbul and now teaches in London.


From the capital city of Turkish diaspora Berlin comes two experimental, sexy, perverted documentaries: Hyper-Masculinity on the Dance Floor and S&M Landlords in one London screening at the Horse Hospital. And sexy co-director of these sexy movies will be there to answer any questions you have including, but hopefully not limited to, "would you like to have sex with me?" For those of you who flaunted your masculinity or S&M outfits on the dance floor the previous night at Deep Trash: Turkish Delight, this is a perfect way to chill out, for those of you who prefer the cinema to the dance floor here is your chance to get a bite from the Turkish Delight, on its very last night.




Emre Busse was born in Turkey, in 1990. He double majored in Communication Design and Cinema with a minor in Sociology. He was head curator and participating artist of the Berlin based queer art project, Pornceptual between 2014 – 2017. His films screened at Porn Film Festival Berlin, Sundance International Film Festival, !f Istanbul International Film Festival and Pink Life Queer Film Festival Ankara. He is a PhD candidate at Germany Freie Universität BerlinArt History Department. He lives in Berlin.

Hyper Masculinity on the Dance Floor

Directed by Emre Busse, Selin Davasse

Germany, 2016.


A trip through the spectrum of hyper masculinity, its expressions and implications, via the dancing body on the homo-social dance floor as a research site

LANDLORDS: The Economics of S&M Apartments in Berlin

Directed by Emre Busse, Ceven Knowles

Germany, 2016.


An experimental documentation behind the culture of S&M apartment rentals in Berlin answering the questions: who owns them, how are they designed/built, to whom and how they are marketed, and how they fit into their niche market within the cities well-known sex tourism trade?

Turkish Delight is curated by Queer Art Projects in partnership with CUNTemporary and supported by Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants, The Mountain of Arts Research (MARs) and Centre of Feminist Research at Goldsmiths College, Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (BGWMC)

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