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Robert Workman Archive, Bishopsgate Institute

Keynes College, University of Kent presents the LGBT History Month Exhibition entitled "Staying Out" which will be open throughout February. Curated by Queer Art Projects, "Staying Out" provides a glimpse of the history of the LGBT movement in the UK, through photos and ephemera selected from the special archives of the Bishopsgate Institute.

One of the slogans, embraced by the LGBT movement during the backlash of the 80’s was: “We’re Out and We’re Staying Out”. It expressed a defiance against being forced back into the closet, which was so recently abolished in the 70s. “Staying Out” brings forth fragments of the LGBT history in the UK, which is the story of a journey from decriminalization to visibility, from the struggle against discrimination all the way to equality. In other words, it is a story of coming out and staying out, proud.

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