Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night Vol.3

Queer Art Projects Presents
Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night Vol.3

The sweetest queer night in town is back at The Glory!

If you came to the first Turkish Delight in November or the second one in February we are pretty sure, you are rushing to buy your ticket to the third instalment right now, without a pause to read this!

Same goes for those of you who didn’t make it to the first and second Turkish Delight, but have a friend (or a friend of a friend) who did!

As for those of you who have been too out of touch to have heard the buzz, this is how our queer night unfolds:

We have non-stop Turkish pop music, from the classics of Ajda Pekkan to the latest hits of Aleyna Tilki. All your favorite songs to sing along and dance to: Tarkan, Sezen, Yıldız, Hande, Demet, Gülşen, Atiye, Sıla. You name it, we will play it and all shall dance to it!

Then there are the performances scattered throughout the night: to die for belly dancers, sexy lip-syncers, drag queens, go-go boys, queer performance artists.

All the performances at “Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night” are in the tradition of “the queer art of failure”: perfectionism, professionalism, mastery, even experience should not be expected from the performers on stage.

Gelin de Londra’lılara nasıl eğlenilirmiş gösterelim ayol!

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