Turkish Delight: A Bilingual Queer Night Vol.5

Turkish Delight’ers!

This is what to expect from Thursday night:

*One half of the drag duo SCRUMPTIOUS PRESUMPTIOUS (a.k.a. Tuna, like the fish) will be hosting and joking, teasing and introducing, lip-syncing and jesting in her ridiculous outfit.

* The better half of the drag duo Scrumptious Presumptuous (a.k.a DJ sedaecho) will make you dance and sing along to her playlist of famous Turkish pop tunes, with a healthy dose from the 90s.

*Dj LondOnur will be playing his “Burning Like Coal, Ouch Ouch!” playlist of Turkish pop songs, about burning, all consuming and enslaving love. So be ready to throw yourself into the flames in the name of love and sacrifice yourself at the alter of love!

*Drag King TARKAN will be performing all the sexy moves of the so-called “king of Turkish pop music”, to an assortment of his most famous tunes, giving him a run for his money: King Tarkan is dead, long live the Drag King Tarkan!

* Drag Queen SISTER SLUT will transform from an old woman into a young, sweet, sexy cheerleader, shaking her pompoms as well as her ass and giving us the Turkish version of “la grande bellezza”

* Drag King BABY FACE will give you a medley of all the famous baby faced Turkish pop icons that you can think of: from Burak Kut to Mustafa Sandal, from Murat Boz to Edis. And guess what: You can bet your sweet ass that he is sexier then all of them combined!

* The superstar of the night will be MR. OZGEN, the famous male belly-dancer who will make a one time only appearance at Turkish Delight. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see how the pro’s shake it!

* And YOU the party goers, the Turkish Delight’ers, will shame the dancers on stage with your own moves.

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