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DJ IPEK @ The Yard

13.01.2018 10pm-3am


DJ Ipek is known by many names:

“The Queen of Eclectic Berlinistan”

“The MC of Transcultural Understanding”

“The Queen of the Alternative Dancefloor”

“The Hippest DJ in Europe”

“The Queen of Berlin’s Queer Scene”

“A Representative for Ideology Blinker-Free Living”

Whatever she may be called, however she may be crowned, she keeps the crowds on the alternative and transcultural dance floor, in the palm of her hand.

Based between Berlin and Istanbul, queer DJ, producer and curator, İpek İpekçioglu AKA DJ Ipek, has been spinning all over the world, from New York City to the desert Sahara of Mali, for the last 20 years.

Londoners know her well as the winner of the World Beat DJ Competition at Electrowerkz and from her contribution to last year’s Nour Festival at the Notting Hill Arts Club.

DJ Ipek spins tunes from Turkey, Middle East, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and the Balkans. Psychedelic Turkish funk, Balkan and Anatolian folk, Kurdish halay and Iranian bandari all mesh with disco, techno, electro and deep house.

Her EthnicFolkElektronikMix is free of conventionality, and refuses to be limited by style, tempo or genres.

Ipek has a strong political agenda related to womyn, immigrant and queer issues and focuses on contemporary, everyday socio-political aspects and transports those issues into her music.

Joining DJ Ipek at The Yard, is VJ Karajan, a frequent collaborator of  DJ Ipek, who combines visuals of cultural diversity mainly focusing on art and its relation to the city. Bringing her own 3D animations together with a wide variety of found-footage images, ranging from science fiction movies to Orientalist videos to documentary images of social events, she will provide the visual counterpoint to DJ Ipek’s genre-hopping, cross-cultural music.

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